Poses for Paws Event — What’s this raffle you speak of?!

Hey there!!

I’m super excited as the word is getting out and flyers are now posted all over New Canaan and Darien for my event!  I’m hoping all of my lovely students from Ridgefield, Fairfield and Westport can find there way to this event to support me and make it a success!

That being said, there is a raffle involved!!!!  For every $50 you donate, you get put into the raffle.  That means if you donate $100, your name goes in twice, $150 it goes in 3 times, etc!!!  I have a bunch of things to raffle off so far and hope to expand this list as we approach Oct. 11!  Right now, you could “win” 

–Yoga Start Up Kit from Lululemon Westport http://shop.lululemon.com/home.jsp

–3 Day Juice Cleanse from Green & Tonic http://www.greenandtonic.com/

–1 Month Bootcamp Classes at Reshape Body Bootcamp http://www.reshapebypatrick.com/

–1 Nutritional Coaching Session with Nutritionist and Meal Plan http://www.reshapebypatrick.com/

–1 In-Home Personal Training Session http://www.reshapebypatrick.com/

We are also going to have items from Nicholas Roberts and the Pawprint Market!  If you know anyone who would like to donate a service/item, please email me!

Sign-Up (it’s under “Workshops”) – Follow the instructions on that page to donate!





Just looking to donate?  Click the Donate button below on the last post!

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